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Welcome to our One Banker Forum for the 2018/2019 English football pools season.


We highly appreciate your contribution to our UK football pools banker forum, your efforts in ensuring prompt weekly winnings is highly valued by all visitors and members of this website.



Before we go deep into the rules that guide this thread, here is a quick guide to the purpose, aim and objectives of this Football Pools One Banker Forum.

  1. To uphold regular and frequent winnings amongst members and visitors of this weekly thread.
  2. To exchange ideas on the quest for valid and updated football pools information.
  3. To be of help to esteemed stakers worldwide and more also, be of benefit to contributors.
  4. To uphold sanity among members and visitors of this forum.

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Here are the rules and regulations before you proceed to post/comment your banker on this thread. It is important to pay attention to this set of rules or guide in order for you to get your bankers approved by our administrator. Failure to keep to these terms will attract automatic disqualification to get your banker approved.


  1. Here in our One Banker Forum, you are required to post just your banker, pair or nap backed up with current or past working proofs. You are entitled to post just once a week in this thread (posting more than once is only permitted with the consent of the administrator). Other conversation should be moved to our Weekly Chat Room to visit – Click Here.
  2. No form of advertisement and spam comment is allowed in this forum, any form of spam or advertisement is automatically disqualified and will not be approved in this section. No buying and selling of games in this thread.
  3. Your mobile number or contact information should not be displayed in the body of your message, that is, you are not permitted to display your contact information while publishing your bankers, pairs etc. If a visitor or member of this thread or forum wants to appreciate your efforts you will be connected to whosoever, when they must have contacted by the administrator and your gift or token reward will be handed over to you in full measure.
  4. Lastly, to every members and visitors of this great Football Pools One Banker forum, making use of the published comments here is strictly at your own choice and risk. Always insist on verifying the proofs attached to the digits of your choice and check to see if the sequence is current and still working. Analyse the games before you proceed to place on your coupon betting slip. This is to ensure success, notwithstanding that games do fail even with good working proofs. Insist on working pools information.



Contact the administrator via text message (SMS) +23408151196619; +2348139394312 ‘‘For Important Issues Only.’’ No calls until approved/permitted by the administrator via active conversation. Please take note!



Reward Center: For now, we haven’t started rewarding members and visitors of this forum whose bankers always deliver. With time we will reward those who actively contribute to the progress of this thread. If you are a user of this forum and wish to appreciate anyone in this forum, kindly contact the Admin via the contact information above, and your gift will be delivered straight to the recipient of the reward.



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Happy forecast and thanks for your cooperation.

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  1. Immediately i saw the result last week i took to call my client in england and ask him why the failure, he told me that this year own is different that i shall lose two times/weeks out of 11weeks which we have already won two times and lose one time, he also told me to expect the second losing from week 40-45 but for now it is winning ways.
    Week 37
    I will be back to add more draws

  2. I only want to drop only two live draws out of the four draws.
    Week 37
    You must see them on coupon result this week 37.
    So bet them without stopping, the total odds for this week four odds=152.
    I also have two correct scores from my client via england games(tuesday and wednesday) this week at total odds of 128 odds. I shall post one tomorrow via some minutes before the game.

  3. The work of this forum is good. Please keep it up. Meanwhile can I have the full phone number of kelechi. Thanks.

  4. WEEK 37
    WEEK 35
    12F. PAIR. 32X
    WEEK 36
    13X PAIR 23X
    19F PAIR 26X
    WEEK 37. .??? PAIR ???

  5. last week kelechi i lost big since called you from Kenya hope this week nothing goes wrong coz damn it was hectic losing $840 dollars. otherwise keep it good

  6. My first time to post, count the numbers of panel game and bank on it. This week 37 bank on game number 6 as a fixed draw.
    Ref. Last session week 37.
    God bless us

  7. Pls my able admin pls approve my new number b/c thieves collected my phone on tuesday.
    thanks for quaranty my reguest. one love

  8. I have two correct scores for tomorrow’s game being saturday 23/3/2019 with a total odds 810, it is fixed with full quarantee, i shall post one it by tomorrow one hour before the starting time.

  9. So try to check of by some minutes after 3pm tomorrow but i pray let the admin to approve early, so it is a notice for you to prepare

  10. If you know that person called kelechi please tell him to stop posting games here are call it fix odd… if you ask me I will call it a scam. Nothing but a full scam


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