Week 44 Football Pools Information for UK 2018/2019 Season

football pools information

Football pools information

Football pools information (Week 44 football pools information) is a weekly football pools guide that provides insight on how the weeks’ coupon matches will be sequentially played. It ranges normally from Fridays to Sunday and in some weeks, it extends to Mondays. In a case where a match is adjourned or postponed for any reason such as bad weather, international call-up, or for some unforeseen circumstances etc. The outcome of that fixture will be decided by a body known as the Football Pools Panel. The rule applies to the UK Football Pools and the Aussie Football Pools season respectively.

As a staker you need to be updated with the latest football pools information and UK FOOTBALL PLUS is poised to provide you with the latest UK and Aussie football pools information on coupon every week. Football pools information is published every Sundays.



Week 44 Football Pools Information







E. K. O.
L. K. O.





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NB: Always check back for updates prior to each week’s football pools information as an update will be effected on the event of an occurrence.

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  1. Sturmz key for 4/4 for week 45 and 46 for 8-11 draws on coupon.
    Sturmz must be on odd number and the two opponents must give 17 when added together.
    St. Potton must be on top of sturmz before it will set.
    Now count 17 from sturmz upward to meet odd number then play the number down for fixed draw plus others.
    Week 45
    Sturmz =17, count 17 upward to meet 7 to fail then play game down 8 for must draw.
    I am giving the 4 draws on payment after winning for the first five people to call me 9016197167.
    If you are confused then check last season 45 or call me then I will explain it to you for free without requesting a dime, it is a current key that I bought with huge amount of money last season but I have enough riches but just to help poor people’s only because I was once a poor man.
    Call 0901619167

  2. I have been following this site as from january this year which I have benefited from this site and also the games I bought from members here entered, but now is my turn to bless some people here.
    I have 4/5 for this week 46 and also a secret that will be given you 2/2 or 3/3 every week of this Aussie season which it happens every two two years and this year is the year, it is a sure draws which has nothing to do with keys and you see it. I shall leak the secret to some people who are ready to waste their call credit to call and push me and I push you which from this you don’t need any forecast or Aussie key to win weekly.
    Week 46
    12 pairs 13
    I will give the rest to few people on free of charge
    This afternoon.
    I am chief ochiriozo
    Helper to people.
    be fast to call and I will leak the secret and also the remaining 3draws, you can also visit my pharmacy in Abuja.
    Call 09014249535
    I see many people getting rich here, just say Amen

    • Biko Chief, nyeremu aka Biko. Enweghi m Onye enyemaka. Ugwo akwukwo, bu nsogbu m. Biko. Nyem OKwe agam ekele gi.

  3. I am back again which last week I posted 12 & 13 for one and asked people to call me for the remaining 3draws which I gave it to 10 peoples and it ended 4/5,
    Week 47
    13 & 14 must for one

    I will give the game to another 10peoples to appreciate me after winning, rush now to call to get the 3draws to make it 4/5 must on 8-10 draws on coupon this week must.
    There is another way of getting 2draws weekly on Aussie seasons which I will leak the secret to the 10persons, be the first to call.


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